We are excited to announce that we have been chosen as Ipswich Greyfriars Round Table‘s main charity for this year’s Rudolph fundraiser!

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The funds raised will be going towards a much needed refurb of the Green Bike Project workshop, so please tell your friends and family to get donating.

The Green Bike Project, established in 2008, recycles old bikes and transforms them, teaching adults with learning disabilities how to fix the bikes so they can be resold at a more affordable price. These recycled bikes can be purchased from our Genesis site, with the profits of each sale being reinvested into our services. The emphasis of the project is about promoting independence and equality, and encouraging people with disabilities to learn new skills that benefit them, the whole community, and the planet!

The project is in desperate need of a new facility, with the current one not being fit for purpose and struggling to meet the demands of those seeking support. The project is currently running inside of a converted container, which is limited by space and isn’t ideal for the adults that we support who have mobility issues. Funds raised from your kind donations will be used towards the building of a brand new, accessible facility with upgraded equipment and work stations, which means the project will be able to support more adults and their families, and will result in the recycling of more bicycles, supporting the wider community to make greener choices.

Our members of staff are helping out on the evening of December 10th to collect donations and spread Christmas cheer in the Crofts, so make sure you come and say hello if you live in the area.
We have included the dates and times of each location if you would like to follow where Round Table and Rudolph are each night.

Date Area + Start Location

1st December – Grange Farm – Leaving The Bell Inn at 18:30.

2nd December – Gainsborough – Leaving the Golden Hind at 18:30.

3rd December – Belstead Hills – Leaving The Belstead Arms at 18:30.

6th December – Bramford Road – Leaving the Red Lion at 18:30.

7th December – Chantry North – Leaving The Kingfisher at 18:30.

8th December – Old Kesgrave (New Route) – Leaving Heath Primary School at 18:30.

9th December – Christchurch Park East – Leaving The Woolpack at 18:30.

10th December – Crofts – Leaving The Man on the Moon at 18:30.

12th December – Woodbridge Road Area – Family Run – Leaving The Royal George at 14.30 .

13th December – California Area – Leaving The Lattice Barn at 18:30.

14th December – Whitehouse & Bramford Lane – Leaving The Flying Horse at 18:30.

15th December – Stoke Park – Leaving the Belstead Brook at 18:30.

16th December – Castle Hill and Whitton – Leaving the Suffolk Punch at 18:30.

17th December – Christchurch West – Leaving the Greyhound at 18:30.

20th December – Broke Hall – Leaving The Golf at 18:30.

21st December – Selkirk and Australia – Leaving The Selkirk at 18:30.

22nd December – Rivers & Greenwich Area – Leaving The Margaret Catchpole at 18:30.