We are thrilled to announce that we have a brand new defibrillator installed in our Diner, funded by the Arnold Clark Community Fund.

cpr defibrillator

Getting a defibrillator is something that our Independent Lead, Byron, has been passionate about for many years, so it is only fitting that his heroic efforts last month were the catalyst for Genesis getting their own defibrillator.
Last month, Byron was at the beach when his father-in-law, Phil, collapsed and his heart stopped for a few minutes. Byron remained calm, and alongside an off duty nurse who was in the area, they got him on the ground and performed CPR until Phil was breathing again, and fortunately a first response was just down the road and was there in minutes.
Byron had just finished a refresher first aid course at work, and the hospital said if it wasn’t for those quick thinking minutes, things would been bad to fatal.
Byron’s mother-in-law was so proud of Byron, she wrote to us so we could honor Byron’s courageous actions, saying, “CPR is a marvelous thing to know and if it wasn’t for the calmness and quick thinking of my son in law Byron and the first aid training provided by yourselves it would have been a different story.”
It is such an amazing story, we are so glad to hear that Phil is recovering well, and we are lucky to have Byron as part of our Genesis team. Hopefully we will never need to use the defibrillator, but should we need to one day in the future, it’s always ready to save a life.

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