Green Bike Project

The Green Bike Project provides interesting and valuable work experience to people with disabilities. It also rescues unwanted bikes, refurbishing them to sell to the public at very low prices to encourage cycling.

Unwanted Bicycles

The idea is simple. We take in unwanted bicycles and repair them with the help of our customers with learning disabilities. The emphasis of the project is about promoting independence and equality, and encouraging people with disabilities to learn new skills that benefits them, the whole community, and the planet!

Once our bike project recycles the old bikes and transforms them, the bikes are for sale and can be purchased from our Genesis site on Wright Road, Ipswich. We sell men’s bikes, women’s bikes, children’s bikes and from time to time we offer specialist bicycles such as BMX bikes, racing bikes and mountain bikes.

We run a collection service to pick up unwanted bicycles, or you are welcome to drop them off to our site. Suitable bikes are repaired and serviced under the supervision of our qualified instructors and the second hand bikes are then sold to help fund the project.

We try to repair bikes wherever we can, but when bikes are beyond repair, we strip them of their useful components and retain them for future use. The parts that are of no further use are then sent for recycling to prevent as much waste as possible from going to landfill, and just this year we have recycled over half a tonne of bike tyres so they can be repurposed into things such as synthetic turf and playground floors.

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Our privacy notice for bike collections can be found here.

Service, Maintain & Repair

The Green Bike Project is also able to service, maintain or repair your bike using recycled parts where possible. We can also offer helpful and friendly advice about bike safety and maintenance. Our bike repair services come highly recommended, and are carried out by our highly skilled team of dedicated staff, service users and volunteers.

Our Green Bike Project received wide recognition as the people’s choice to win ITV Anglia East’s first People’s Millions grant of 2008. Supporters voted for the project to win the grant in a closely fought head-to-head battle for the public’s votes on ITV Anglia East regional news.

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So clear out your shed or garage and contact Genesis Orwell Mencap’s Green Bike project to arrange collection. Recycle a bike today!

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