Day Care

Your life, your choice

At Genesis Orwell Mencap, we support adults with disabilities to live their lives the way they choose through our day care services. We offer two types of disability day care as we understand that care isn’t one size fits all, so we have work experience based care in our two social enterprises, the Green Bike Project and our garden furniture workshop, alongside our classic day care for disabled adults.

We have extensive facilities including two sensory rooms, a large landscaped garden, a dignified personal care room, a fully equipped IT room, a diner that serves cooked meals, an art room with an inspirational art tutor, and a fully furnished kitchen with a cooking tutor.

There is always a great buzz around the place. Not surprising really, when we offer such a wide range of activities every single day. We support you to choose what you want to do!

You will be encouraged to choose and plan your own timetable of activities. Our staff are trained to use alternative and augmentative communication methods to ensure that every customer is listened to, understood and can communicate exactly what they would like to do each day.

Here are just some of the activities that we support our customers in.